Globally enterprises are grappling to impact corporate culture;  the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterise the people that make up the business and defines the nature of the beast.

I am often asked by Executives and Senior Leaders if the inhibitors that foiled the formation of the desired environment can successfully be addressed. I firmly believe that I-L.E.E.A.D™ ( I Lead) enables a look at the limiting behaviours inside the organisation and takes leaders to a place where they will find the heart and conviction to chain change for themselves and activate inspiration company wide in pursuit of mutual intent and results.

Strategies, structure, and approaches to employees, customers, and investors is an essential component in any business’s ultimate wealth or failure. Below are the behaviours of inhibitors – leaders who can harness these and match them to profound human needs, have a shot at striking gold in the new economy.

Innovation – The sacrifice 

There is a belief that innovation is probably one of the most important forces in fuelling growth. Constantly researchers, analysts and leaders indicate that firms limit investment in research and development because of the cost and the long delay in reaping the returns, if any. The uncertainty of those returns and the difficulty in measuring the investment further muddles the pool of vision. Is this because leaders don’t know what to look for when they investigate opportunities, competitors and emerging markets? Is research and development the same as innovation? In an environment where optimising processes, streamlining business units, downsizing workforces and cost saving drives is at the order of the day; is it not a leader’s duty to explore, create excitement and birth inspiration by asking different questions.

In asking different questions, the importance of governance is not negated, caution is raised at the unintended cost of rigidity and “the way we have always done things around here”.  Pseudo teams is the peril of engagement and the killer of creativity and innovation. Enterprises would do well by engaging Activators.

Activators are teams and individuals that have the support of the leaders to start from scratch as they focus externally and investigate internally in search of innovative ways to be effective. Inspiration and the subsequent energy yield results in anticipating the evolving needs of the marketplace. Should this be done of the cost of already valuable parts of the business – perhaps, if that is what is required to ignite innovation, and herein lies the sacrifice; when you pursuit innovation, what will you have to let go off?