What is the difference between true competition and constructive conflict? Can collaboration exist in either of these two environments? Is there value in creating internal (within teams and in a team) tension – if it doesn’t already exist? Do you get your team’s best by creating competition or conflict or something else? Often internal competition creates an environment where the free flow of ideas are blocked and resources hoarded which leads to a limiting mindset and adopting a scarcity mentality. In adopting a value add mindset leaders are activating an abundance platform that can lead to creative tension and through a clearly defined communication framework will allow for performance.

I come across the unwritten rule in corporations that says – to challenge and be different puts you at risk, ‘blend in’ is the answer to safety and security. This way of existence infiltrates and becomes “corporate culture”. Embracing differences is key to brainstorming and often the foundation for remarkable work.

Do you have a strategy to enable the embrace of differences?

What would it mean to your organisation if diversity on all levels are welcomed and the best of everything extracted to contribute to a bigger whole?

Fear: a perceived threat of danger, has proved to be the platform from which a large percentile of the population perform. The fear of not being good enough, the fear of not having enough, the fear of loss such a social standing and income are but a few examples. With this fear and the manifestation of it; absenteeism and illness being prolifically present in our workforce, is the onus not on you as the leader to address this for yourself so that you can facilitate true performance for people as the align their purpose and passionately pursue it for themselves and as a result for the business?

What is the point I am illustrating? Fear hinders and intimidates resourceful learning and experimentation, risk-taking and adventure. It is this fear that leads to stress (when things just get too much) and it is the same fear that subsequently diminishes profits, eliminates productivity, eradicates purpose and kills passion, unintended costs of control…

So the difference between competition and constructive conflict can be the measure of how well your team is able to translate fear into inspiration. The performance of both the team and individual speaks to actualising the most profound human need – to be accepted, for who I am and to be valued for what I can become.

What would evidence that you are activating your untapped potential as leader, and that of the people that report to you?