“Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, something is out of tune.”– Carl G. Jung

I learned that life is a practice and requires practice.

I practice strength training to stay healthy and grow fit; patience when I am waiting to enlarge my ability for mindfulness; reflection when I am in conversation so that I can be in the conversation and an observer of the conversation – and so I can offer you many examples of me practicing life.

Self-leadership is another area where I constantly invest emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energy.

The first principle that I apply in this practice of life and self leadership is the foundational basic, almost self-evident truth-value that verbalised would be that “I am becoming”. Becoming what I wish for myself to be in all spheres of my life and through time. Becoming is therefor a reputation driver for me. Something that I lean on and draw strength from in the practice of life which I apply in leading myself, others and those that lead others.

I recently learned that this first principal which I value as much as I do, is getting in the way of me being; being here, now. This awareness was as a result of the price I paid for not being fully here, being fully (in)complete which was the end of a significant relationship – one that impacted me in ways I could never imagine.

Does the review of the first principle come first, or is it the experience that it is outdated that catapults you to review it? Therein lies the conundrum we face as leaders in the new economy and in our lives, failing through heartache and tough times.

As a leader, wanting to bring about exponential results for others and myself, I learned that I need to review my posterioiri terms – my reasoning arguments and founding principles. The gap analysis also requires an action plan to implement the new first principles. And then with this new commitment to action, partner with those I have disappointed and those I have delighted, so as to authentically relate. The caveat to this is that the rebuilding and co-creating the future is just that, a partnership. One where both parties must be able to find the motivation to build towards what can be, next.

This lesson is learned: holding a first principle as precious as I did in this context rendered me blind. The iceberg which sank this Titanic was not the first principle in itself, but the disequilibrium that existed as a result of undervaluing and overvaluing in the relationship through my practice of this first principle and of this we are all guilty.

So, for the exponential leader that you are, I have a few considerations/questions:
• How are you presenting your first principles in relationships, in life and business
• What first principles are getting in the way of your best intent in life and business
• Is there a way for you to resourcefully review your identity statements
• Are you facing a situation where shifting a first principle could potentially be more aligned with what you want for yourself and others.

What is evident for me on this journey of self-leadership is I threw caution to the wind and did not fully settle my current important matters and resultantly another experienced heartache and disappointment. I am now crafting a way to show up as genuine and actual, being and becoming, complete and incomplete in relation to myself and those I love and serve in life and business.

I wish you favour and grace on this journey with yourself and others.