“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”
– Prof Stephen Hawking

In my opinion reputation sprouts from an internal (self) conversation that manifests externally. This external behaviour you exhibit creates a perception with stakeholders. This is where it gets interesting, your reality and that of your stakeholders’ may vastly differ because of ‘what is going on’. Whoever coined the phrase “perception is reality” had insight into this truth we all have to face.

As Prof. Hawking explains there is a way to move closer to match the map of the territory that you hold and that which your stakeholders keep – intelligence.

As perception is a sensory conclusion people form with a subjective bias, the ability to lead where perception and reality match is in my opinion the higher challenge leaders are facing – the Intuitive (iEQ) Factor is the new X-Factor.

iEQ is the ability to lead through intuition that is based on intelligent understanding of what is ‘going on’ for the other as you have insight into what is ‘happening for you’ while you drive toward the strategic outcome for the business and your career/brand.

“Self-mastery and personal leadership are key to successful personal branding. Through this work, I trust you’ve realised that both capabilities are seldom complete or finished. A further dimension of personal branding, which is never complete, entails people’s perceptions of your brand, your audience members’ minds, trials, and priorities and the oscillation of the context in their space (environment). You will and that your brand is in a constantly changing territory.”*
Building intuition is essentially a sensory integration plan.

“The Sensory Informed Personal Brand framework uses sensory input as a model and forms part of the backbone for S.U.I.T.S.TM. I have found that it is the most common frame of reference for the integration of what you are about and how you connect with the business of being.
What is most valuable about the sensory-based framework is that you integrate the processes that you are already running (feeling, thinking, doing) with information received from your body as you engage in the activity of alchemy (transformation) with the new systems that you draw from.
As you grow, from a young age, you learn how to process sensory information and create the framework that support your focusing of attention on particular sensations while ignoring others. So the brand framework also serves as a challenge to open up the data streams, which could support you in mitigating the frustrations and difficulties that you have experienced in business and relationships.” *

So, if intuition is linked to an intelligent reputation, what is the next step you need to take in order to achieve the change you require?

*Matt White, S.U.I.T.S™ Tailor-made personal branding for iconic leadership, St Paul & John Publishers, 2017 © .