The I-L.E.E.A.D™ System is a complete Neuroscientific informed self-leadership program. Using world class brand, neuro-science, positive psychology, engagement methodologies and Neurosymantic™ tools combined with coaching techniques you have a complete system that enables you and your team to achieve a strategic impact and ad value.

“Matt is amazing! He boiled life and leadership down to the basics and engaged the audience in the process of realising their greatest potential.”

Stefan Ferreira

MD, CEB South Africa

“Within a very short space of time I have been highly impressed with Matt’s passion, drive for results, commitment to fostering impactful partnerships and genuine interest in challenging those he coaches and works with, to constantly stretch towards higher goals and thrive in all they aspire to achieve”

Kgomotso Sekhute

CEO, Kgomotso Sekhute & Associates

Matt’s expertise is seamlessly weaved into an offering that includes

  • I-L.E.E.A.D™ System
  • Innovation, Leadership, Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Agility
  • Applied neuroscience in business
  • Brand and strategy performance
  • Engagement platforms
  • Personal branding
  • Executives in business
  • Peak performance for elite teams and individuals
  • Team and group coaching
  • I-L.E.E.A.D™ System in for business
  • S.U.I.T.S™ System – The personal branding solution
  • The business of Integrity: Brand and Engagement Strategies;
  • J.E.S.S.I.C.A™ System – An expert solution for woman in business and leadership;
  • Personal Branding – unlocking power, purpose and passion;
  • Personal Branding – the Executive challenge;
  • Employee Engagement – the Strategic Imperative toward Customer Experience
  • Change – the fabric of life and business
  • Community – weaving a healthy society
  • Peak Performance – achieving victory and freedom in life
  • Executive Power – own and operate YOU.
  • Lord of the Rings – facing challenge in pursuit of dreams

“As a result working with you, I am able to see the big picture and act accordingly to influence it for the best outcome for me and for my company”

Matome Edmund Modipa

CEO, Sebata Group of Companies

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