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This moving and inspiring presentation will shake up your organisation and teach your leaders. Book me now.


As a global authority on APPLIED NEUROSCIENCE and BRANDING – focussing on Innovation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Engagement and Agility, I tutor and coach on what motivates it, discourages it, and how leaders can connect now.
Your audience is desperate to find new ways to connect, lead and add value in a absurdly competitive market where key talent and scarce resources are hard to secure.
How can your people create a culture of innovation, leadership, entrepreneurship, engagement and agility and discover the new purpose that will grow your enterprise? The Author of The Business of Integrity has the answers.

“Matt will help your audience discover the habits that promote a culture of significance, the principles that activate authentic leadership and the tactics that best actualize the uniqueness if each individual.

Matt’s work is brilliant; it has lead to immediate real world results and helped me create a clear and masterful market differentiator.

– Robin Pullen: Author, TEDx & International Professional Speaker.


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