Transformation Coaching


An Executive Leader is able to turn complexity into simple, high-impact solutions; support innovation to create market leadership; drive an entrepreneurial spirit to foster accountability and is someone that makes a difference…


Is this you?
Do you want to be more of this more of the time?
My meta-coaching conversations are special and unique in that they include the following seven factors: the conversations are

  1. done in a way to achieve clarity and precision
  2. encourage reflection; getting to the head and heart of the matter
  3. support change; altering behaviour and evolving believes and identity
  4. systemical; rich, dynamic and holistic
  5. realistic and down to earth so as to actualise and implement insights
  6. actualising; removing the barriers and blockages that prevents you from achieving your highest and best
  7. enabling you to take full ownership and empower your responsibilities.
  8. Based on the latest neuo-science and leadership research and the 12 years I’ve spent coaching executives and high-potential young leaders this type of personalised intervention is tremendously powerful.

Imagine what you can achieve – journey with me today!

“What other investments in professional development do you know of that provide an average client-reported ROI of somewhere between 340 to 700%?  The reasons for such high returns are clear:  leadership matters.  A lot.”

– Forbes, January 2012


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