SUITS ™ Program

SU.I.T.S.™ is an attractive and unique offering that resonates with individuals who are self-driven, highly motivated and entrepreneurial-minded. It embeds the most comprehensive personal branding program available, providing you with everything you need to know on how to create an

iconic brand for leadership. If you are strongly committed to your development as a responsible leader, focusing on personal leadership, relationship leadership and organisational or strategic leadership, ultimately leading to performance, this bespoke journey is for you.

Iconic Leadership through Personal Branding

Program Outline

Matt White’s signature training programme for Iconic Leadership through Personal BrandingS.U.I.T.S ™, is opening for registration on 7 November 2017 and with it comes the opportunity for you to learn about, understand how to and practically apply:

  • Positioning and repositioning your brand.
  • Access your next level income by implementing the blueprint that governs your brand and personal mastery.
  • Connect with your customers and colleagues by establishing a strategy for your leadership identity.
  • Safeguard resources by avoiding the pitfalls in personal branding and leadership.
  • Remove your blind-spots in business and relationships by clarifying the link between your ‘meaning’-creation and decision-making.
  • Unlock the powerful resources.

This is done in five core phases

  1. Designing your Leadership path through your Personal Brand.
  2. Becoming a Great Iconic Brand.
  3. Increasing your Personal Brand’s net worth through Iconic Leadership.
  4. Protecting the longevity of your Iconic Status.
  5. Staying on course.


Designing your Leadership path through your Personal Brand

  • Understand the fundamentals of personal branding success, knowing what is required and why, setting up the tools and systems needed to provide your with brand leadership.
  • Understand your old brand’s ‘flow’ pattern and why you are getting your current professional now PLUS what to do to change these patterns.
  • Know where your brand is right now – getting clear on what is happening in your leadership and brand world so you know where you are starting from.
  • Know where you are headed – getting decidedly specific on the purpose of an Iconic Leadership Personal Brand is for you and determining (exactly) what you need to be able to live that life.


Becoming a great Iconic Brand

  • Simple yet profoundly powerful tools to take control of your brand and leadership destiny.
  • Learn how to plan your brand direction and leadership. Advance through steps and stages in order to have clarity about your future.
  • Discover the greatest leadership creation tool ever – conscious branding and how to obtain massive value from the direction into which you let your life flow.


Increasing your Personal Brand’s net worth through Iconic leadership

  • Five modules focusing on Achieving your Brand Worth to attain the brand and leadership targets set in phase one. This comprises of eliminating ‘brand debt’ and increasing ‘leadership generating assets’.
  • Eliminating Brand Debt: How to break out of ‘brand debt’ cycles, understanding the behaviours that keep you in leadership debt and a powerful tool to automate your brand and leadership debt elimination so that you can focus on creating wealth and living the life you want.
  • Building Iconic Leadership Assets: Why investing in Brand YOU through leadership development and branding is so important, where it fits into your wealth plan, how to invest in leadership, how to set your Iconic Leadership Brand investing on auto pilot and how to maximise your returns and brand impact.
  • Brand Assets: Understand what brand investing actually is, why it is such a powerful asset class and how to do it successfully. Learn the difference between growth and income investment strategies and how to valuate brand interactions so they align to your ultimate intent with certainty. Discover new technological advances enabling brand and leadership investment strategies which give you access to quality opportunities around the world.
  • Passive Iconic Brand Business: Understand how your brand and Iconic Leadership Status can drive passive and residual income. Get an understanding what they are and the different ways you can create it in your life from royalties, to licensing, MLM, even online businesses using automated systems. Discover different types of passive income businesses to align with your Iconic Leadership Brand from vending machines, to shipping containers, referral marketing and creative royalties. There is also a deep-dive section on creating an online business which uses the internet to leverage and deliver your value so you are free from the ‘exchanging-time-for-money’ trap.


Protecting the longevity of your Iconic Status

  • Creating peace of mind and freedom from the ‘legacy lag’ is a key element of Iconic Leadership.
  • Discover the brand and leadership artifacts you need to shield you, your brand assets and the ones you care about as you establish your Iconic Leadership Brand.
  • Learn what security you want and need, and what gets in the way of achieving your career, life and business goals.


Staying on course

  • Creating brand freedom in order to enable living a conscious, authentic, healthy and wealthy life – this phase is all about mastering and expanding the greatest asset of all – you.
  • Discover the five Laws of Living a Legendary Life.
  • Learn how to use the Seven Facet Diamond Brand toolkit which will keep you moving forward in the direction of your dreams and make living your life effortless through branding and leadership.

The five phases are delivered through 10 comprehensive training modules with content taught through in-person and audio lessons, videos and workbooks.



When you have attended S.U.I.T.S ™ you also get

  • A years membership to the Iconic Leadership League with an active private Facebook community, monthly Q&A
  • Two tickets to the annual three day live event
  • An opportunity to attend the monthly workshops.


Once off

R 24,997* upon booking

Flexible payment

Four equal payments of R 6,997*

Payment dates:
Upon booking, 30 November 2017

31 January 2018,

28 February 2018

* Prices are excluding VAT


21, 28 November 2017

5 December 2017

16,23, 30 January 2018

6, 13, 20 February 2018

13 March 2018

Venue and time

Virgin Active Classic – Menlyn Maine
Suite 1, Menlyn Maine Square, Dallas Ave, Menlyn,
Pretoria, 0181, South Africa


Arriving at 18:00,
Sessions starts at 18:30 to 20:30