Matt White is an Author, Speaker, Brand Specialist, Customer and Employee Engagement Expert, and Executive META Coach.

Born and bred on a farm near Pietersburg, Matt enjoyed a humble upbringing and scholastic education. He spent countless carefree hours playing with his Sotho friends and indulging in a subsistence lifestyle. In his formative years, there were few indicators that he would one day have a significant influence on the branding and marketing industry, moulding and shaping business executives into successful leaders.

Matt studied information design at the University of Pretoria and is accredited with the International Institute of Advertising, Branding and Marketing. He holds a post-graduate diploma in performance and business coaching from UNISA, is an Associate Certified Meta Coach with the International Neuro-Semantics Institute, and has studied neuroplasticity in the field of psychoneuroendocrinology.

Currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Matt is regarded as a paragon in his unique application of neuroscience to the business model. His expertise in neuroplasticity, psychology, cognitive behavioural science, branding, and neuro-semantics influences his work. Moreover, his spheres of focus comprise entrepreneurship, innovation, coaching, and leadership; he facilitates customer and workplace engagement and simultaneously promotes agility and adaptability in these contexts. As a neuro-integrator, he provides tutoring and coaching on what motivates these attributes, what discourages them, and how leaders can connect in the moment.

In his role as an international executive meta coach, Matt uses a process that involves in-depth conversation, neuro-chemistry, and frameworks. He merges creativity with the science of identity, helping clients to solve business branding challenges.

Speaking Engagements

Ask Matt White about people in business and you’ll be met with the same delight champagne has when it pours from the bottle – excitement, energy and a celebration of life; followed by a discussion of how personal branding, employee engagement and leadership mastery can make every facet of your business, career and life purposeful, successful and worth it. Mix that together with his eighteen years’ experience in branding, his passion for human potential, and avid pursuit of innovation, and you’ll know why this Neuro-Integrator is the answer to pioneering your brand and engagement strategy forward through actualising your human potential.

University of Stellenbosch Business School

The ever-changing world of work – do you know what you really want?
Andrew Bramley will provide a framework for managing your career in a changing workplace. He will expand on the following: keys to survival in a changing workplace, decision-making and tools to research your chosen future.

59th Annual International People Management Convention


The Convention provides proper guidance on management that you can implement in the workplace, such as frameworks, models, processes and case studies from leading organisations. The Convention and its sessions clarify that HR must be able to lead the business through its knowledge and expertise, with clear confirmation of the value proposition of HR, as evaluated by HR. The Convention help practitioners to assess the value they deliver and prompt their focus on striving to improve the way they lead business to success.

8th Annual Association of Fraud Examiners Africa Convention
It is recognised as the largest anti-fraud event in Africa, and second largest in the world. Their aim was to bring together 1000 + anti-fraud professionals from more than 20 countries over three days, all with a shared desire to gain leading-edge knowledge, explore the newest resources for fighting fraud to achieve their goals more effectively, and meet fellow professionals within Africa expanding their network.
Inaugural Silver Lining Project Conference 2015
Inaugural Silver Lining Project Conference 2015 is driven by local technologists with an aim to educate people and give them the opportunity to collaborate with experts and peers facing the same challenges in cloud storage, continuous delivery, large scale agile and enterprise mobility etc.
CEB Africa

Engineering the Future Employee

An interactive debate with Senior Executives on the role of Human Capital in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. The conflation of technology, contemporary automation, data, and data exchange will change the way in which we work, where we work, how we work, and – perhaps most significantly – who does the work. Understandably the revolution has implications for both the employee of today and tomorrow. Human Capital, both senior practitioners and industrial psychologists, needs to make their voice heard at this critical junction in time. Yet their voice of, especially at the level of executive leadership, appears to be increasingly silent.

Join us on the 14th July 2016 for an interactive debate where we explore the role that the Human Capital leadership plays in facilitating business success in this revolution. This CPD event, will bring together the views of C-Suite Executives. Overlaid with a psychological perspective the debate will examine how senior executives perceive human capital and the role they play. In many instances human capital directors are registered industrial psychologists, yet their psychological expertise rarely emerges to the full.  Importantly, the exchange will examine what needs to change for Human Capital to fulfil a more strategic role. To this end, questions pertaining to the value of Human Capital and industrial psychologists as leaders will be examined, while understanding the barriers that limit the emergence of these leaders.

Join us. By sharing your voice, and assimilating the voices of others, the value you bring as an industrial psychologist, as a Human Capital practitioner, as a leader, will have an immeasurable positive impact for your brand, both personally and for the brands you represent.

The debate also represents the starting point for CEB’s CPD programme. The programme, offering a total of 24 CPD points, will run over the course of a year and will comprise monthly sessions that combines contemporary theory with business practice, emerging issues central to the forth industrial revolution. For too long now we have debated the role that human capital plays in organisations and the need for a strategic seat at the executive table; now is the time, through continued and open debate between business and psychology that we take steps to claim that seat. With revolution comes change.

Nedbank Group HR Event 2015
Power Purpose Passion Conference 2014

Power Purpose Passion Conference 2014 is the key to unlocking your individual blueprint that defines what you excel at and where your passion lies so that you clearly understand your true purpose and mission in life.


You can then embark on a life of meaning and soar financially because you are playing on purpose with your strengths and with enthusiasm.

AERCON Executive Strategies Event 2015

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